Why Gutcheck

Jumpstart your gut health journey with Gutcheck. Gutcheck will help you to understand how your gut health is influencing your mental and physical functioning in day-to-day life. Your personalized Gutcheck report comes packed with science-based insights and personalized recommendations to guide you on the right path to improve your overall health.
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Based on 7 reviews
Catherine Rider
Catherine Rider
Wonderful!! We received a highly specific and evidence-based report, with recommendations tailored to our daughter's unique microbiome, as well as a phone call wherein we could ask questions/discuss the report.
Andrea Wall
Andrea Wall
I am very pleased with the report and follow up I received. I found out the source of my stomach issues and what to eat and not eat to fix the imbalance.
Jodi Dodge
Jodi Dodge
The whole process with Gut Check was pretty easy and given the detailed report that I was given, I can see why it takes 4-6 weeks. The information provided was very helpful and I was really surprised that the symptoms I experience based on my individual gut bacteria were 100% correct. The personalized food recommendations were very helpful and the fact that Nucliq provides a personalized road map to improve your gut health long term is fantastic. There is also a phone consultation once you receive your report which is helpful if you have questions regarding the report. Overall my experience with Gutcheck/Nucliq has been very positive and I would give it an A+. If are interested in learning about your personal microbiome and improving your overall health I would not hesitate to get testing done.
elaine driessen
elaine driessen
Much has been researched on the importance of a healthy Gut Microbiome. Nucliq has developed a modern way of pinpointing exact issues that need improving in your health. Either to cure existing problems or prevent future disease. The report you receive from Nucliq provides great detail. I had to read it more than once. 🙂 The tools to improve your weaknesses are given thru a Road Map food plan which I am looking forward to receiving and following. The report was spot on in identifying issues I was concerned with.
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell
I was very pleased with the detail of the report. It confirmed some things I already suspected and keyed in on my very specific needs regarding my gut health. The follow up consultation was very informative. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I am so pleased it is offered in NL. It is the age of being proactive with our own health, especially now with the crisis in our healthcare system. I am looking forward to receiving the road map and implementing the suggestions from the report. Will definitely repeat the Gutcheck after a period of making changes. If our government is not subsidizing this now, they should be. Over all I am very satisfied and have been recommending it to family and friends.
Catriona MacFarlane-Reed
Catriona MacFarlane-Reed
With immune function top of mind these days, it’s very beneficial to know where you stand regarding your microbiome. Gutcheck provides the answers and solutions for improvement!
Rosemary O'Neill
Rosemary O'Neill
I received a comprehensive report which was really informative. It will help me on my journey to good health. My 15 minute interview with Nucliq was great. Looking forward to the next step which is my road map for implementing recommendations.

What will you learn?

Who is living in your Gut?

Gutcheck™ allows you to understand the types and amounts of bacteria present in your gut. This is necessary to get an idea of the overall bacterial composition, and their diversity score defining the good and the bad bacteria and their ratios. These relative amounts will tell you if you have a healthy or an unhealthy gut.

How Your Microbiome Impacts Your Health

Your Gutcheck™ report describes how your physical and mental health may be impacted based on the bacterial composition. Gain knowledge on how your tiny gut microbes may be affecting your health and impacting your day-to-day activities. You’ll also receive insights about potential disease risks associated with your gut microbiome.

Foods To Eat And Avoid

Your Gutcheck™ report suggests lifestyle changes and food recommendations required for correcting and maintaining your balanced or healthy gut bacteria.

Your microbiome is unique, so is your Gutcheck™ report
Canada’s most comprehensive gut health report.

Your Gut Wellness Score

This score indicates the overall health of your gut by considering the number and types of bacteria present, disease risks associated with it and the presence of probiotic and pathogenic bacteria.

Diversity Index

The diversity index indicates the diversification of the gut microbiome, which is the key to good gut microbiome health. Regular evaluation of your microbial diversity and assessing the changes help you to track and improve gut health.

Bacterial Overgrowths

Detect any imbalances in the gut microbial population, and identify the overgrowth of particular bacteria.

Good and Bad Bacteria

Find out the top players contributing to your gut health. Learn which bacteria are helpful and which are harmful or pathogenic.

Gut Health Comparison

Your gut microbiome diversity levels will be assessed against a healthy control group of individuals. This comparison will help you understand and track your progress toward a healthy gut microbiome. Complete a follow-up Gutcheck™ test after adhering to the recommendations to learn more about the progress of your gut microbiome and overall health.

Understand Your Gut Potential

75% SCFA production
69.8% Vitamin synthesis
80% Gluten metabolism
46.2% Inflammation
Anxiety /