The GutCheckTM test is designed to:

  • Get insights into how your gut microbiome is impacting your current digestive health, mental and physical well-being
  • Learn about the potential future disease associations
  • Help optimise lifestyle changes to improve overall health and productivity
  • Suggest food and probiotics to optimise your unique gut microbiome

The GutCheckTM report allows you to learn about your unique gut microbiome in high-resolution. You can use the report to:

  • Monitor how your gut microbiome changes with lifestyle adjustments. For example, if you need to take antibiotics, you can monitor how quickly your microbiome recovers.
  • Identify how your current gut microbiome may be contributing to unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and nausea.
  • Learn which foods and probiotics may help you optimise your unique gut microbiome – decreasing unpleasant symptoms and improving overall well-being.
  • Identify your potential risk for different diseases (Non-diagnostic)
  • Learn how your gut microbiome is impacting your sleep, immune system, metabolic, and physical health – then learn how to improve these domains of health!

It is important to keep in mind that human microbiome analysis is an emerging field; new discoveries are made almost every week regarding how the different microorganisms in our body interact with us and with each other. As more information is gained, consensus about what different microbes are doing can change.

The information in your profile is meant for you to gain a better understanding of your personal microbiome and how it may change in response to lifestyle choices. It is not a diagnostic tool and cannot be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

GutcheckTM is the first Canadian company to offer gut microbiome testing. We provide the deep insights associated with your gut bacteria and the report provides personalised recommendations essential for optimising your gut bacteria and your gut health.

The GutcheckTM report explains the mental health insights based on your gut bacterial composition and the gut potential in terms of gut bacteria underperforming or overperforming and its effect on different aspects of gut health. Any problems associated with your digestive system functioning will not be explained. You can consult your health practitioner if you require more information on any of these aspects.

Following the purchase of a GutcheckTM kit, you will be shipped a kit which includes all of the necessary items to easily collect a stool sample and return the sample using the provided prepaid shipping envelope.

Our GutcheckTM analysis provides a detailed report on your gut bacteria, gut potential, disease-associations, personalised food recommendations, and more! Our team of scientists and engineers perform extensive research and develop a comprehensive test report. It takes approximately 6-weeks from the day we receive your stool sample. During this time, we keep you updated about the status and progress of your sample. You can log into your account and check the status or receive an email/text message if you provide your contact information.

It is best to take the test after your first bowel movement of the day when you have maintained your regular habits and diet for at least a week prior to sampling. Any changes to your normal daily routine like overseas travel, short-term use of medicines, or trying new foods can influence your gut microbiome.

It is recommended to wait 3-months following completion of your antibiotic treatment before using the GutcheckTMtest. Antibiotics drastically disturb your gut microbial composition, thus the results on your GutcheckTM report will not be reflective of your “normal” gut microbiome.

It is not necessary to stop taking supplements or probiotics before taking the test, especially if these are part of your normal routine, as this will reflect your “normal” microbiome.

In general, we suggest maintaining your normal daily habits for two weeks prior to sampling to see what your “normal” microbiome looks like. Also, try to collect a sample from a bowel movement that is typical for you.

Always consult your physician before making any changes to prescribed probiotics or supplements. We do not recommend you discontinue any medications.

The questionnaire is optional; however, completion of the questionnaire is strongly recommended for receiving the most accurate details in your report. The questionnaire allows us to further personalise your results to provide the most precise information on your gut potential and disease associations.

Yes. Ensuring the integrity of our operations is of the utmost importance. Accordingly, we take several steps to ensure the privacy and security of client information – some of these include:

1) We will only be collecting and analysing the DNA of your gut bacteria, rather than your human DNA. In short, we are only analysing bacteria in your stool sample.

2) We de-identify your samples and tag them using a unique barcode to maintain client anonymity during analysis and processing.

3) We do NOT sell any private information to third-party organisations.

Currently, the GutcheckTMtest is only intended for users 18-years and above. The gut microbiome of children has differing dynamics which may affect the accuracy of the GutcheckTM report. Soon, we intend to offer a GutcheckTM product for children. 

Yes. The GutcheckTMkit is commonly purchased as a gift. The gift recipient will be capable of creating a GutcheckTM account and following the process as per the provided instructions.

Currently we do not sequence yeast, fungi, or candida. The GutcheckTM report is based on your bacteria gut microbiome.