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Healthy Gut...
Healthy You...!

The gut microbiome plays a very important role in your health by helping control digestion and benefiting your immune system and many other aspects of health.

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Your “Gut Feeling” isn’t just a metaphor

Did you know?

You have more than atrillion microbial cells present in your gut which collectively makeup your Gut Microbiome. Each of thebacteria present in your gut are acting continuously to contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Your microbiome is unique,
so is your path towards improved health

There is growing scientific evidence which suggests that any imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut may lead to several health complications.

Why Gut Health Matters?

The “good” gut bacteria does more than just helping with digestion! It also improves overall health.

Improves Digestion

Keeps you away from gas, bloating, and diarrhea by preventing "leaky gut"

Physical Endurance

Boosts your metabolism and improves your muscle recovery

Healthier Heart

Promotes cardioprotective benefits


Trains your immune system and helps to fight gut inflammation

Mental Health

Helps to manage stress, anxiety, hypertension and sleep patterns

Balanced Mood

Increases serotonin production to enhance mental wellness

The journey towards a healthy you starts here with Gutcheck "test"™

Individualized report with research focused evidence
Learn & work on your particular deficiencies
Personalized insights/food recommendations
Easy to use at-home sample collection kit

Gutcheck™ – A Bridging link between your gut bacteria and health

The Gutcheck™ test measures and compares your gut microbiome to vast datasets of scientific evidence.

We provide you with a detailed report including personalized insights/food recommendations targeting your gut health improvement.

Ourrobust proprietary microbiome database helps you identify your early deviation from healthy populations..

How It Works


Order your kit online


Register and login to activate your kit


Follow the instructions and collect your
stool sample ( Easy to use and
takes approximately ~2 minutes)

Receive Report

Receive your Gutcheck™ report with personalized diet/probiotic recommendations to improve your gut health

What will you learn from Gutcheck™ Report

My Bacteria

• Uncover any overgrowths, shortage or imbalances   of bacteria within your gut.
• Spot your top performing bacteria
• Good and bad bacteria present
• Gut diversity index

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Health Insights

- Personalized insights on disease risks associated with your gut microbiome

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Your Gut Potential

Learn how your gut bacteria are affecting your mental & physical health.
• Sleep,
• Stress and hormone production
• Physical endurance

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Gut Metabolites

• Vitamin synthesis
• Intestinal permeability
• Food intolerance

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You are what you eat

Get personalized food recommendations based on your gut microbiome

No more guessing on what to eat

Get precise recommendations based on your gut needs. More than 275+ food recommendations listed across different diet categories

Experience the Gutcheck™ Difference