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Uncover the link between your gut microbiome
and overall well-being with Gutcheck.

Why Gutcheck

Canada’s most comprehensive
gut health report.

Your microbiome is unique, so is your Gutcheck™ Report.

Who is living in your Gut?

Gutcheck™ allows you to understand the types and amounts of bacteria present in your gut.

How Your Gut Impacts Your Health

Your Gutcheck Report describes how your physical and mental health are being impacted by your gut microbiome.

Foods To Eat And Avoid

Your Gutcheck Report provides personalized food and probiotics recommendations to jump start your gut health journey.

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Your gut bacteria impacts
more than just digestion,

Your gut bacteria impacts more than just help with digestion,
it affects many aspects of your physical and mental health.
A well-balanced gut can help with many aspects of your health and wellness.
Improves Digestion

Help reduce gas, bloating and diarrhea, and also prevent developing ‘leaky gut’

Physical Endurance
Boosts your metabolism and improves your muscle recovery
Healthier Heart

Promotes cardio protective benefits

Trains your immune system and helps to fight gut inflammation
Mental Health

Helps to manage stress, anxiety, hypertension and sleep patterns

Balanced Mood
Increases serotonin production to enhance mental wellness
Uncover your gut Microbiome

The journey towards a healthy you starts with Gutcheck

Detailed analysis of the good and bad bacteria in your unique gut microbiome.
Uncover bacteria imbalances and understand their impact on your well-being.
Receive personalized food recommendations to help build a healthier gut microbiome
Easy to use at-home sample collection kit, procedure takes just 15 minutes to complete

How it works

Order your Gutcheck kit online. Free shipping within Canada.

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Follow the instructions in your kit to collect and return your stool sample. Free return shipping envelope provided.


Follow the instructions to activate your Gutcheck kit and send the sample.


Receive your Gutcheck report with valuable insights into your gut microbiome and personalized recommendations to improve your gut health.



What will you learn from Gutcheck™ Report

My Bacteria
• Uncover any overgrowths, shortage or imbalances   of bacteria within your gut
• Spot your top performing bacteria
• Good and bad bacteria present
• Gut diversity index
Health Insights
Personalized insights on disease risks associated with your gut microbiome
Your Gut Potential
Learn how your gut bacteria are affecting your mental & physical health
• Sleep
• Stress and hormone production
• Physical endurance
Gut Metabolites
• Vitamin synthesis
• Intestinal permeability
• Food intolerance
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Process to do the test was easy and well-explained. Results were more comprehensive than I had expected. Post-interview was also comprehensive. Looking forward to making some changes and seeing what the future results will be.

Testimonial Image

I had great experience from start to finish with Nucliq. Timeframes were on point, received a detail report and good conversation /advice on follow up appointment. Now to follow the plan!

Anne Wells
Gutcheck User
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With immune function top of mind these days, it’s very beneficial to know where you stand regarding your microbiome. Gutcheck provides the answers and solutions for improvement!

Catriona MacFarlane-Reed
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Very pleased with the result of my report and professional presentation & follow-up. Highly recommend!

Nadine Roche

Supporting The Gut Health Journey

Our robust proprietary microbiome database helps you identify your early deviation from healthy populations, and helps you understand the path forwards towards improved health and wellness.

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Uncover your Gut Microbiome with simple plans

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Complete Personalized Gutcheck Report
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