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Jumpstart your gut health journey with Gutcheck’s at-home gut microbiome test kit, prioritizing innovative technology and proprietary machine learning algorithms to comprehensively analyze your unique gut microbiome composition.

What’s Included:

  • Easy at-home gut health test ​
  • Sample collection instructions​
  • Unique activation code​
  • Prepaid shipping label ​
  • Comprehensive gut wellness report ​
  • Personalized food/probiotic recommendations

⭐ 3 – stage gut health roadmap​
⭐ 20 – minute report consultation

⭐ Free Shipping



What will you learn?

The Gutcheck report is a comprehensive toolkit providing a unique understanding of the composition and function of your gut microbiome. Predict disease risks, understand bacterial balance, and gain insights into your gut’s contribution to overall health. Gutcheck’s Gut Microbiome Health Report is key to optimizing gut health in a unique guide for a healthier you.

This score presents a clear snapshot of your overall gut microbiome and its impact on supporting your health. It assesses five crucial metrics derived from your gut microbiome profile. The Gut Wellness Score not only offers a simple depiction but also serves as a convenient tool for monitoring and measuring your progress over time.

The richness and variety of bacteria in your gut microbiome are captured by the bacterial diversity score. Assessing shifts in your microbial diversity provides valuable insights, enabling a deep understanding of personalized approaches to enhance your overall health.

Explore the role your gut plays in shaping your future health. Assess the similarity between your current microbial profile to those individuals with chronic conditions such as obesity, IBS, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis. 

Detect any imbalances in your gut microbial population. Identify harmful strains like H. pylori and gain insights to proactively address potential threats for a healthier gut.

Explore the presence of beneficial bacteria genera through a comparison of their levels in your gut to those in a healthy population. Uncover valuable information to guide potential enhancements for optimal gut health.

Gain insights into the impact of your gut microbiome on your physical, metabolic, immune, and mental health through comprehensive scores, nutrient and neurotransmitter assessments, and identification of key symptoms.

Discover personalized nutrition and probiotic recommendations required for correcting and maintaining a balanced gut microbiome.

David Beaudry
David Beaudry
Found personal follow-up phone call to be very helpful and my questions were addressed.
Mark Nicoll
Mark Nicoll
I had no idea the stories my poop would tell.. The report had lots of great information clearly presented, which left me with a good sense of what I could do to improve things. I would highly recommend the premium package which included the debrief on the phone. I found that measurably helpful.
lee brown
lee brown
Such a great way to test your microbiome and a Canadian company! The service is great, the phone call very informative, and the road mapping stages all made simple to understand and tethered to each person. Highly recommended.
Ilona Weiss
Ilona Weiss
The gutcheck test is the best thing that I have done for my health! After 20 years of misdiagnosis, and struggling with health issues, I finally feel like I know what I need to do to correct my dysbiosis. I am following the recommendations, and I am feeling slow and steady improvement in my health. Thank you gutcheck!
Patricia Erickson
Patricia Erickson
I received my report a few days ago and I was amazed at how detailed it was, and how many aspects of my health were reviewed. I started my program and I can't wait to see my gut health improve and see the changes in me. I am so glad that I finally found a way to better health that is designed just for me. I would recommend Gutcheck to anyone!
Rolene Pryor
Rolene Pryor
The Gut Check product is an excellent and innovative way to build a deeper understanding of my health. I was very excited for the report, the staged action plan, and the consultation call. I feel like they are all big keys to unlock better health.
Kevin Kozak
Kevin Kozak
Fantastic report that provided me with lots of specifics and suggestions to improve my gut health. The follow up phone conversation that I had with Dr. Purvikalyan was tremendously helpful as he was able to offer me further specific suggestions for a current health concern. I highly recommend this service and that you consider purchasing the premium version if you have specific questions that you would like to ask these outstanding professionals.
Iwona Tatarkiewicz
Iwona Tatarkiewicz
What a super helpful service. There was a small glitch with a part of the kit that I received, and the team was quick to send me a replacement part and I still received the report in a timely manner. I'm really impressed with the detail in the report and the personalized recommendations, and I'm looking forward to seeing how implementing them will affect (hopefully improve!) my symptoms. I also had a call with a team member and appreciated the opportunity to get some more information on my personalized results and recommendations. Thank you!
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan
Very helpful information personalized for me about how the gut works how it impacts my day to day and how to help improve. Great experience thank you. Everyone should do this to learn more about themselves and their health
Comprehensive Gut Wellness Report

Take control of your health by understanding the link between your gut microbiome and overall well-being.

Proudly Canadian Company

Gutcheck™ is proud to be providing Canada’s first gut microbiome test, with all testing and analysis taking place in Canada.

Free Delivery & Sample Return

Free shipping for Gutcheck™ kits within Canada, and shipping label provided for sample return.

Personalized recommendation

Your microbiome is unique, and so is your path towards improved health. Every Gutcheck™ report is personalized to your unique microbiome.

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